ZEVAC - Rework & Repair Systems

Zevac Forside2 Onyx 500X283

  Onyx Maskine 33X37 Systems for SMT
Ssm 4A 33X24 Systems for THT

Experience the new ONYX Milling:
Removal of SMD parts without any impact of heat!

ZEVAC rework systems are repair systems of very high quality for complex boards. The systems perform desoldering; cleaning of old material, solder and some types of underfill; flux or paste dipping; placing and soldering. The process can be automated for good repeatability. Important features are data collection, tracking of repair and force and vacuum control in the head as well as a stable design, active cooling and close loop control of airflow. Because of their high quality, the systems are used in Space, Military and Communication.

ONYX Milling - Zevac Benefits of Hot Gas (vs. Infrared Light)